Monday, July 30, 2012

First Day of Ministry

A great first day today - and the day ended with one of the most fun nights I have ever had with a missions team... for the record, Jay and Hershey were guilty (and no - we were not playing a game).  Parents, ask your students about this when they get home.  This team is really bonding!   Here is today's update from Katherine Harvey.


Hey all - it’s Katherine!
Today was our first day of ministry, and one I will remember always.   Starting off the day, we ventured to the Campus Crusade office for devotions.  The team was greeted by a room filled with Zambian staff worshipping Jesus making 15 people sound like 100.  Joining in with them, sharing their passion for Jesus in both American and Zambezi worship was both awesome and humbling.  God is the God of all creation!
On the way to the school, Kelsey, Clare and I grew anxious and immediately stated lifting our anxiety to the Lord.  He completely dissolved all fear as we pulled in to our first school.
Kids were running to greet us - smiling and waving.  Their joy was exactly what we needed.   Getting off the bus, the kids aged 3 - 16 greeted us with high fives, hand shakes, and fist pounds.  After visiting with the kids for a bit, we were led to and open area where we were all treated to a choir of kids performing.   I will never tire listening to their joyful worship.   After Tim led the US team in worship from up front - the children responded enthusiastically.   We had a skit we performed, and the kids cheered the loudest at two different points - once when Colin cut in and danced with Sarah, and once when Jesus (Ben) prevailed.  
Right after the skit, Trevor shared his testimony with the entire school which was powerful and extremely well done.  While Trevor was speaking, I was relieved that I would not be the one sharing.  God immediately heard my heart and Jack said to me “Harvs, your next!”   Busted!  Standing in front of 232 kids with a translator by my side (to help translate for the younger kids) made me extremely nervous.  However, God calmed me down and gave me the peace I needed to share my faith.  Thank you Lord!  (Editors note - Katherine ROCKED it!!!)
After this, we divided into groups to talk to the kids and play games.  A group of girls quickly approached me, and we went off and I was able to tell them more about my faith, the person of Jesus Christ, and how to have eternal life.  They all expressed their belief in God and telling them about Jesus was amazing.  I shared with them the bridge analogy asking if they could jump to America and comparing that to being separated from God and needing Jesus to be the bridge.   
After this we played games together.  I loved how much they just wanted to be hugged and to have someone pay attention to them.  One girl I especially connected with was Natasha.   Her sweet smile and questions about Jesus are something I will never forget.  
Saying goodbye was a challenge, but watching what God did throughout the day made it beyond worth it.   Watching my team glorifying God along with the beautiful blue sky made this day unforgettable.  The anxiety is gone, and God has completely filled me up - I am so excited to see what tomorrow will hold!
A special hello to Mom, Dad, and Grandma!  My luggage is all here and Zambia is even better than we prayed - rest easy, I miss you guys and LOVE YOU SO MUCH.   Lauren asks me to pass on that she is alive to her family - wahoo!
Thank you all for your prayers and support for your team, we are excited to see how God uses this trip for His glory!!
Much Love, 
Katherine Harvey

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  1. Hey Katherine H

    Great to hear that you, the rest of the team and all your luggage made it safely to Zambia. After seeing you all off from DTW I fully expected to hear of Delta having to fly a cargo plane behind you. What a fantastic first day of ministry!!! Despite the miles, we can sense the tremendous enthusiasm and excitement. Your know our love and prayers are with you always.
    XXXX Mom and Dad H