Saturday, August 11, 2012

Final Reflections

We are sitting in the airport awaiting our first plane trip - and it is fun to just sit and watch the team talking, laughing, playing games and still connecting.  I have not been on a missions team that connected this well together... they all seem to genuinely enjoy one another - and there are no groups - just one team.

God has worked in some incredible ways on this trip.  Our students have been able to share their testimonies with thousands of people, and hundreds have prayed to receive Christ.    Our team has been challenged in their faith and dependance on God in each and every situation.  

I was asked as we were sitting down for a meal yesterday - "what was your favorite part of the trip?"  Well, I have two favorite parts.  First for me was the baptisms.  As a pastor, there is nothing more exciting for me than to see a student publicly profess their faith in Christ.  I have had the opportunity to see almost every one of these students stand up in front of large groups of Zambians and declare that they are followers of God, but baptism is something different.  To hear these students standing in a river in Africa declaring their love for Christ - there really is nothing like it.  Two of the students who shared their testimonies gave their lives to Christ at 707 during the 2010-2011 school year - and NOW THEY ARE IN ZAMBIA sharing the name of Christ - it really is unreal.  

My other favorite part was our visit to Matthew 25 ministries.  I wish you all could me Ionge... your faith would be pushed like never before.  I truly count her as one of my heros.  She did not set out to start an orphanage - but as she read scripture, she could not get away from listening and following the commands of God.  I can see a renewed interest that churches in America have put on Christ's commands to care for orphans... foster care and adoption are incredible options for families as they seek to follow Christ's commands.  However, somehow the widows, prisoners, the sick... they get left out.  This one woman in Zambia is investing her entire life into following the complete command of Christ.  I want to learn to read the Bible like Ionge.  

This is my fourth trip to Zambia, and if God allows, it will not be my last.  Being away from my family is INCREDIBLY hard for 17 days... thank you for all who have lent a hand back there for Courtney.  But each and every time I come - I am so encouraged in my faith.  I count it an incredible honor to be used by God for something like this trip.  These students have been incredible, the staff who have come have led fearlessly, and God has moved.  Thank you all for your prayers - we cannot wait to share more stories with you upon our arrival at 4:00 on Sunday.   We love you all!

In Christ,



  1. It's times like these where you say: we serve a great and mighty God. He is good and all Praise and Glory goes to Him. We will be praying for you tonight in the prayer room and for your jet lag. Jock has come home just in time to se his tigers doing great…….

  2. We are praying for your safe travels. I can only pray that our great and mighty God continues to use all of you and the rest of us to do great things here at home as well!

  3. So incredibly amazing how God used you all! I have finally figured out how to comment...a little late to say the least.
    But if any of you are still checking this I would just like to let you know that you all are amazing and I am so proud of every single student that went on this trip. I have constantly been encouraged by reading these posts and I am very confident about leaving 707 in the hands of all of you!
    God is going to work in you all in amazing ways these next few years and I am excited to watch from a distance!
    My encouragement to you all is to not let this spiritual fire die! Stay connected with God by constantly being in prayer!
    You all rock :)

    Love to everyone,
    Allison Gudeman