Thursday, August 2, 2012

Matthew 25 Ministries

I had heard so much about her and my anticipation heightened on the drive to her home.   When we arrived, there were two signs that graced the outside wall.   One said MATTHEW 25 MINISTRIES and the other OUR MISSION IS TO FEED THE HUNGRY, CLOTHE THE NAKED AND GIVE SHELTER TO THE HOMELESS.
As we entered the outer courtyard of the small home, we were greeted by toddlers, 13-18 year olds, and to her credit, a young male college student.  And then, my eyes came upon her, the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.  She was wearing a long dress of pinks and purples and her hair was pulled back off her face.  She had no features that were striking or attire that was dazzling, but I could not take my eyes off of her.  
She told us the testimony of how God chose her to open her home to an orphan boy thru the book of Matthew, Chapter 25.  It was an incredible story.  She introduced each child to us and those whom were old enough to speak said their name and age.  Trust me, it was impressive.  
While many of the students sat and talked to and played with the children, the staff was given a tour of her tiny immaculate home.  By the time I reached the back room where she was, there we stood alone - face to face.  I threw my arms around her beautiful neck and all I could say was “THANK YOU” over and over again.  As I wept on her shoulder, she held me and whispered “Thank You” back.  The Holy Spirit spoke entire paragraphs between us tho we uttered not a word.
At last I was able to say “Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus for these precious boys and girls.   They will call you blessed and do much for Christ’s kingdom because of you”.   She replied “To God be all the glory, he has done great things for me!”
As we left, we gave toys, coloring books and games to the children that you, our OPC family provided for us.   As a team of 30 people, we were able to pool our fund and give her enough money to supply food for her orphaned family for 3 months!  She live on total faith for every need as she has no outside funding for her home.  Unbelievable!  
This is the short story of Inonge Nawa.   Before we left, I asked her was Inonge meant.  You guessed it...beautiful woman.  
- Kerry Pew


  1. Kerry, what I have just read is an exchange between one beautiful woman of God to another. Please know that your "youth group" is praying for you and sends their love. Please give that daughter of mine a big hug!! - Gill

  2. Hi 707 Zambia Team! We get so excited when there's a new update and can't wait to catch up with you each night! Each day your posts draw us closer and closer to the ministry you are doing. I think in the case of Inonge, though, her life and story minister to us. Wow! And how awesome it must have been to be able to pool your money and supply food for her "family" for 3 months! Yes, Jehovah Jireh, "The LORD will provide", by sending you to her in His perfect timing.

    We are walking with and praying for you each day! We hope by the time you read this you have power and water at your hotel!! Sounds like you guys have made the best of it! Even if the lights don't come on for awhile, we're sure you're letting your light shine before men...(Matt. 5:16)!

    A HUGE hug to Liz from Dad, Mom, David, and Joe (and Lucy)! We love you and are holding you in our prayers, honey! We know God has you right where He wants you - but we miss you!! :)

  3. I'm tearing up reading the posts from the past few days. Wow. It is so evident that God is moving on your behalf and using you in so many awesome ways.

    I love reading about how much the people in Zambia are impacting you-process those emotional moments and let God use them to shape and change you.

    Know that I'm praying for each of you every day.

    Love to you all,
    Allie Vogel

  4. Wow, how amazing! Our God is truly great!! Thank you guys for sharing with us daily. You are all in my prayers. Continue to share God's love with the Zambian people and let his light shine through you all!
    Rena we love you and miss you!
    Marina Hertrich

  5. This made me tear up too. This was very emotional...incredibly beautiful. I can feel the Holy Spirit working through you all! Wonderful to hear how the fundraising is helping the people of Zambia! :) Thank you for the amazing post. I am praying for you all. Heard you guys didn't have power last night, but had a great night despite it. God is so good!
    I love you Kels!
    Lissa Lewinski

  6. It was so wonderful to see you all this morning live at our service! You all look so happy serving God in Zambia and your blogs help us to keep informed of what's happening so far away. God's word truly has no boudaries. We continue to pray for you daily. Megan, it was WONDERFUL to see your smiling face, and through it, your mission to serve God. We love you and miss you! Can't wait to see everyone on Sunday!