Sunday, August 5, 2012

Three Student Updates

Sorry it has taken a while to get a new post up.  Obviously being in Zambia - you can only prepare for so much.  Every other night around 6:00 we lose power and have no power or no water for the night... lot's of fun :)  It gets dark here right around 6:15 - so we end up wandering around a pitch dark hotel - but this team is amazing and has so much fun together.  Our internet typically involves walking down the street to a small "cafe" situated between two noisy bars.  Sketchy at best.  

Parents and friends, we have a lot of fun reading aloud your comments on the blog - so please continue to share and encourage as you feel led - your comments mean more to the team than you know.  And keep those prayers coming as well!!!

Here we go...

Hey all, it’s Lauren,
I am so excited to write this blog to share my experience of today’s events and amazing ministry moments.  Today, we went to the University of Zambia to do door to door evangelism in their dorm rooms.   Last night, when Jack gave us the schedule run down, I had many fears about speaking with the students.  However, I knew that God would provide me with the words to speak and would use me as His hand to share His name with His precious children.
When we loaded off of Glenda (our bus) at the university, we all divided into teams about 3 students with a Campus Crusade leader.   In my group, Meghan Shannon, Sarah Hall and I took off with 2 Crusade members.   We visited many dorm rooms and had an amazing time sharing God’s Word.
We encountered many believers, and at times, I found my job of sharing very easy.  I fully believer that this was God giving me the words to speak to these students.   Whether believers, atheists, or agnostics, God supplied me with the words and confidence to share His word.  
After this amazing morning of sharing, we loaded Glenda back up and headed off to another college that focused on Agriculture.  There, we were supposed to hold a soccer game against the students and share Christ with the spectators.  Unfortunately, the students had an unplanned exam, so our game was delayed for about 2 hours.  However, there were many young boys playing soccer on the field, so we played with them for a long time.  During that time, Jay climbed 30 feet up in a large Zambian tree - and we were all worried he was about to fall.   To make matters worse, some of the team members (Hershey) began to thrown little rocks and hacky sacks at him.  No worries - he was ok and returned to the ground after about 10 minutes of slow inching - it was hilarious.  
The game finally began, and we had fun watching the American boys get their butts kicked by the more skilled Zambian players.  
Today was an amazing day, and one of my favorites of this trip!   This trip has already affected me in amazing ways and God has been doing amazing works through all of us.   And to my family, yes I am getting enough sleep and have become very close with all the team members!  I love you all and can’t wait to see you!
God Bless,
Lauren Syverson
Hello friends,
When people tell you that going to Zambia will change your life, you can never quite prepare yourself for what that might be.  For me, God has totally changed my heart in so many ways already.  
Here in Zambia, everyone is overflowing with joy all of the time.  It is crazy to see how little these children have at the schools we are helping at.  They walk around in old, dirty, ratty clothes but the laugh like this is the best day they have ever had.  They have so little, yet so much.
God really convicted my heart and said “Megan, you need for so little, but want for so much”.  See, I’ve always struggled with what I personally can give to the kingdom of Christ.  I thought just because I did not have the newest, nicest phone, or the biggest house that I am empty handed when it comes to giving.
However, God knew we had bigger better plans for what I thought to be so little.  Proverbs 31:20 says “She opens her arms to the poor, she extends her hands to the needy”   I made a decision here in Zambia to now just read and study God’s Word, but to actually do what he asks and give to the needy.  God used the funds I had, and thought to be so little, and pooled them with others to give enough for food for 3 months to an orphanage.  Jesus provides for his children, just like he promised, and he always will!  
Saturday we had another power outage - no lights to see or water to flush a toilet with.  (Our third night like this)   We met as a group to worship and pray by moonlight.  The song lyrics talked about how God is enough and provides for all of our needs.  There was a break in the song where Tim just played guitar, and we all just sat in awe of God’s creation of the stars in the sky and the cool Zambian night air.   Just then, the power cam back on and the lights on the pathway lit up as we continued to worship - it was an amazing night.   
God is teaching me that He is always here for us and it is okay to give until you really have nothing left, because when you truly have nothing, you have 100% God.   I just want to thank you all for your continued prayers for our team.  I know I can feel God moving here each and every moment!
Lot’s of love from Lusaka, Zambia,
Megan Allred
P.S.   Mom, Dad, and Emily, I love you and miss you sooo much.  Give Oliver a treat for me!  
Hey everyone, it’s Kelsey!
On Saturday, we spent the day at Faith in Action boarding and day school.  Our visit started out great with a giant welcome from all the children and the staff.  They opened with a prayer which thanked the Lord for the work we were going to do in that place.  They sung, and in return our team sang a few of our own songs with Tim.  On the spot, Dan and Christina were chosen to present their testimonies.  They both did SO amazing at using their life to reinforce the importance of inviting Christ into your life and the promise it provides which is eternal life in Glory with God.
We continued on in small groups so that we could get to know the kids on a more personal level.  My group of about 10 kids consisted of only one boy who was 13 years old.  He happened to be the only one who could fully understand what I was saying.  His name was Inson, and he told me about his past trials and how he used to constantly get sick.  His family could not afford to get him medical care, so he finally turned to faith as a reliance for his life.  As much as he believed in God, he still did not have a relationship with Christ.  So I pulled him aside and prayed out loud as he accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior.  The moment that Christ entered into his life, he glowed and smiled a huge smile.  The moment was not only a change to his life, but a strong moment in my own life as well.  Throughout the rest of the time, everyone hung out, played games, and sang songs.  But Inson never left my side.
It was a hard day for everyone to say good bye because such strong bonds were made.  It is such and incredible feeling knowing that you contributed to a child’s life being committed to Christ and that you will see them again in heaven.
I want to share another story of how God worked - let me back up a few days to the evangelism at the university.  It has always been a personal struggle of mine to both pray out loud and share my testimony.  Going to a university to go door to door, I had to really rely on God to give me the words to share with these students who were older than me.  It took a few rooms of me not saying a word in my group for me to finally gather up the courage to use my testimony.  After sharing my testimony, I was able to help college student understand how accepting Christ changes your life.  After more discussion and questions she prayed to accept Jesus.  I have never felt like I did at that moment.  It gave me the confidence that I can have a bigger influence than I could ever imagine.  And since then, all of my friends on the team have been encouraging me to pray out loud and to be bold in my faith.  
As a team, we have all been praying for God to reveal his purpose for each of us being on this trip.  Great things have already happened within all of us in such unique ways with more to come.  The bonds that have grown between us are unexplainable, and we are all here for each other in every way.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me tomorrow.
Shout out to Kristin Schubring for all of her letters - I love you so much and it is crazy how perfect they have been for me each day - I miss you girl!   And to my family - I love you very much, I can’t wait to get home to tell you all my stories and to continue to carry out what has been done in my life here.
Much love,


  1. WOW. Those are AMAZING stories, wish I could be there experiencing them with y'all. Keep up the work guys, praying for you! YOU'RE AWESOME.

  2. Zambia Team,
    I love reading your blog because it is so inspiring to see God using you to expand His kingdom. I pray every day for you and I know He hears my requests for you to glorify Him and share His love with everyone you meet. Keep relying on Him, He will not let you down!

    P.S.- I know a lot of you from your time in the Rock, and I’m not gonna lie, I have a hard time imagining most of you being quiet or shy :)

  3. Such a joy to read your updates!

    Keep listening to God leadings, let him stretch you and help you grow, all while giving those precious Zambians the greatest gift there is.

    Praying for all of you!
    The Hublers & Wheelocks

  4. I'm soo happy to hear all of these incredible stories and Kelsey, I'm so glad you like my letters I hope you're writing back and I miss you to death! Have a fun rest of the trip and say hi to the rest of the team:)
    -Kristen schubring

  5. Hey all.....It was so so cool to see you during the service with a little delay. Sounds like all is well as it should be due to the prayers. I live how God has bean answering our request to you. Its cool how you learn you have so much and the people with little to none are sometimes more happy with life. Makes you think about things a little more doesn't it. The bible says as you have been given much then much shall be required. Sounds like God has bean given you much so what are you gonna do with it? God Bless and keep on serving the least of these. -Jon Boynton (Gal 6:9)

  6. Hi to all the team in Zambia,

    I've got to tell you that I'm sure we love reading the blog just as much as you love reading the replies! It is so wonderful being connected with you through the blog and through prayer. I'm so pleased God's coverage is universal - so much better than 4G and WiFi!
    Katherine, as you know, we were away this weekend but I'm pleased to tell you we still got to see the video link to OPC. It was awesome to hear all about what's happening and to see you. We love you.

    Mom and Dad.

  7. Hi David and Zambia team,
    It was so good this morning to see you on Skype and to read all the stories, what a joy to be part of God's amazing work and to be able to share God's amazing love with Zambian people. We wished we were there too.
    David, we miss you very much, with love mom, dad and Andy,

  8. Once again my heart is full of awe after reading your amazing stories! God is working in your hearts and lives as much as he is in the Zambian kids.
    It sounds like you all are making some strong bonds which makes you guys an even stronger team...and all of this while spreading God's love!

    We will keep praying!

    Marina Hertrich

    PS. Love you Rena!

  9. It was GREAT seeing you this a.m. in church!! We had ear to ear smiles watching you all! We are praying for you and want to encourage you in your last days of ministry this week. Liz, we love you! A big hug from us to you (and Clare, too)!

  10. Hi Lauren!
    It's great to hear from you and so many others of their amazing time in Zambia. It is wonderful to see your fruitfulness and boldness in sharing His Word with others. We pray for all of you continually for God's power and protection on your lives. We love you and can't wait to hear more.
    Lots of love to all!
    Dad, Mom, John, Allie, & Yogi Syverson

  11. So good to hear from you Kels! Also thankful to see you guys at church! Made me cry of course, but happy tears! I loved reading your post and hearing the work God is doing through you....and also for you personally! God is giving you the strength to be bold and live out your faith. God is Great! We cant wait to hear all of your stories when you get home too! Praying for your team is a blessing! I love you, Mom

  12. It was sooooo great to see you all up on the opc screen this weekend!!! Please know that you are prayed for daily in our house, and in many homes back here. Your response to God's plan to not let the "least of these" live, without knowing the love of Jesus, gives us all hope & encouragement! We thank you for letting Him do His work through you. Bring back the joy, that is evident in the faces of those children and keep it close to your heart as you teach us where true joy comes from. Your mission is not over. It is only fueled in Zambia. I pray you will humbly continue to express your faith here.
    We are so grateful you have allowed us to go with you through prayer.
    Jesus Now,
    Kim Giroux
    Hebrews 10:38, 39
    About the people you have seen: Hebrews 11:38, 40
    For you: Hebrews 12:1-3

  13. Ps...
    Miss you Kerry, Alli, Katherine & Sarah!!!!!!!!!! Bonfire & snacks at our house when you get back and we can swap God stories to encourage one another!!
    LOVE you all!! K, B, K & K

  14. Hey kels!
    It's Allie and Jessie :) We loved reading the little story you wrote on here and it sounds like you are having an amazing trip! We miss you a ton though and can't wait for you to come home! We saw your brothers the other day at Stewart's with Mrs. O'dell and it made us miss you even more! We are so proud of you for doing this and we know how excited you were/are to be there. We hope you have a good last day there and safe flight home. Can't wait to see you :) Love you lots

    Jessie and Allie <3