Friday, August 10, 2012

Photos - Debrief and Baptisms

Alli with some of our Crusade Leaders at the banquet

Megan down at the bottom of the Victoria Falls

This is about as close as you want to come to the Zebras... just ask Dan

Drew getting baptized at the top of the Victoria Falls

Sarah praying for her small group leader Kate who is about to get baptized

Colin coming up out of the water after getting baptized by Jack and Spencer

Christina sharing her testimony with the team before getting baptized

Rena overcome with emotion prior to getting baptized

Meghan capping off two weeks of serving by being baptized

David getting baptized in the same river his cousin was baptized in last year

The five students and two staff who got baptized today!  


  1. It's so true that a picture is worth a thousand words because these pics show exactly how blessed, healthy and happy you all are! You will be happy to know, Megan, that Aunt Judy was the first to call me when she saw your pic on the blog today. We have so many people reading the blog daily and it has started many conversations here back home about faith in God. Can't wait to see you on Sunday -- 46 hours and counting!!! Love you and miss you terribly. Love, Mom, Dad, Emily and, of course, Oliver!

  2. Colin, We are thrilled for you!!!!!! Dad says "You Rock" What a perfect way to end your trip! We love you. Mom & Dad

  3. Baptism is a blessing and an honor! How wonderful to end this great trip of sharing His love by honoring God's commands and being baptized ! We are so thrilled for you and proud of you Rena!!! Can't wait to see you!!!

    Love you so much,

  4. Lauren and Steve here!
    We're so glad you guys are having an awesome time! We wish we were there with you! We can't wait to hear all of the stories from your trip. We'll be praying for your travels home!
    Love you all! (especially Clare)